Our Story

Our Story



The vision for Pink Wings Endeavours began in 2011 out of a deep desire to find purpose in the tragic passing of Mark’s and Susan’s beloved daughter, Brooklyn Rattai.

Shortly after the passing of her daughter, Susan had a dream in which she was distraught to find that her daughter had been kidnapped two days earlier.  She was horrified by the thought that her daughter could be anywhere. She woke to the realization that she faces every day — the reality that her daughter had drowned two months earlier.  Immediately, a wave of God’s peace washed over her as she said to herself: “Brooklyn is dead, Brooklyn is safe in heaven”, and she went back to sleep. Susan believes this dream was a gift from God - a small mercy to help her go on, as it reminded her that her daughter was safe in heaven with Jesus; however, the same could not be said for those children whose reality is far worse than any nightmare.  

Soon afterwards, Susan and Gina met Iana Matei, a woman who rescues and provides a safe home for women who have been kidnapped and sexually trafficked in Romania. This meeting with Iana, along with Susan’s dream from God, ignited the passion that each team member at Pink Wings now feels for the plight of the women and children who are trafficked every hour of every day.

 Pink Wings now partners with Lily House, a safe house in the Dominican Republic where women and children who have been involved in sexual exploitation and sex trafficking circles are spiritually, physically, and emotionally cared for. Twenty percent (20%) from every purchase is donated to Lily House to aid in the incredible work that they accomplish.