Pink Wings Endeavours Inc. is a registered Canadian charity committed to transforming the lives of children rescued from sex trafficking and fighting against the grave injustice of sex slavery.

We are shining a light into the dark places where this crime and its victims are hidden and supporting those who bring hope, help and healing to the survivors.

Our fight includes raising awareness for these issues and educating the public; fundraising; and partnering with organizations that make this change happen through the rescue and rehabilitate of the survivors. 

 So, how do we do all this?

  • Educating the public of what sex trafficking is and creating an awareness for where it exists in our world and in our communities and how we can do our part to prevent and stop it.
  • Providing funding to our partners who have the expertise and experience in working with these victims. They ‘make the broken beautiful’ by working on the front lines to rescue and rehabilitate these survivors.

Pink Wings donates 20% of all our sales to these organizations.  We also pass on 100% of your donations to these organizations.  Because this is your money and your donations, you get to choose which of our partners you would like to receive your donation.  And because we are a registered charity, we send you a tax receipt at the end of each year.